Types of Pallet Racking Shelves

There are several different types of pallet racking shelves, each designed for a particular purpose. There are safety features built into pallet shelving that increase the safety of workers. Guard rails, for example, add additional protection to upright columns. Bollards are also recommended by the Rack Manufacturers Institute. They are posts that are anchored into the ground, and they can prevent people from climbing on top of pallet racking.

How do you measure decking on a pallet rack?

Before purchasing pallet racking shelves, make sure to determine the exact dimensions of the shelves you will need. The upright frame, beam, and wire deck all have specific measurements. By choosing the right sizes and types of pallet racking shelves, you can store more or less product. Moreover, it’s important to consider any obstructions in the way of airflow or fire suppression systems.

Always make sure to check your pallet racking shelves regularly for safety issues. In addition to inspecting the structure, you should also look for damages on the pallets or the upright columns. Damaged pallets or upright columns can result in a collision between the forklift and the upright frame. By checking the integrity of your pallet racking, you can protect your valuable products.

Pallet racking shelves are usually made of steel or other metal. The type of steel used can vary depending on the type of load you want to store. Cold-rolled steel is sufficient for lighter loads, but for heavy-duty applications, structural steel is best.