Vegan Fitzroy second book of her inspiring vegan lifestyle, how to live and cook like a kingfish comes out in February 2021. Already the buzz is that she is going to be the next Oprah and The Next Big Thing! I am so excited to see what kind of radical changes this vegan Weight Loss and Nutrition Guide will bring to the vegan community and how it will help those starting a vegan or vegetarian diet. Vegans do not have to give up veganism all together, just some things may change for the better in your diet and overall health. It is also written with a lot of humor and a lot of love and compassion.

vegan fitzroy

The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Vegan Fitzroy

Vegan Fitzroy’s first book was also a huge hit with the vegan community. The book provided recipes, tons of info on healthy living and tons more information on veganism. Vegan Fitzroy’s newest book will be coming out in February or March and it will focus on some of the fringe benefits of going vegetarian and vegan. Vegan Fitzroy’s passion is animal rights and she strives to promote kindness to animals by helping them live a happier and healthier life while eating plant-based foods as much as possible. The book will cover everything from how to get started eating vegan to tips on vegan fitness, pet care and even how to take care of yourself while on the vegan diet. With new books coming out on a regular basis by Vegan Fitzroy, I am sure her information and recipes will continue to grow in popularity.

Vegan Fitzroy’s website states that she works from home, so a lot of the information provided on her website comes straight from her own experience. The website also has a large section of information on her travels around the world. It shows pictures of her travels and explains how she came to discover the world of veganism and started the vegan lifestyle. Vegan Fitzroy is definitely one of those new voices of the vegan movement and she is definitely making a statement about animal rights and awareness. If you are someone who wants to start a pet business or simply someone who loves animals, I would definitely recommend that you check out the new Vegan Pet Brunch.

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