custom bed heads

Custom Beds for adults and children come in many varieties. From the very affordable to the very expensive custom bed head, you are sure to find just what you are looking for when it comes to bed head styling. You may be thinking about going completely nuts and getting an entire bed head made to your own specifications, but if that is not you, then look at some of the customization options available.

How to Do Custom Made Bed

Custom bed heads that attach directly to the wall. We have created several styles that will allow you to match your bedroom decor and still have custom bed heads that will compliment the room. The following bed head has Warwick Embroidered Velvet and 99 push button buttons.

This bed head has a full 100mm Dunlop high density foam and is made with stain resistant cedar wood. It comes with two queen-size pillows and four matching side pillows. If you want to get an even more customized look, then add a headboard and you can get something that is made to measure. Some other custom made bed heads to look at are: Penny Head, Crested Carriage, Valley View and the Voodoo Child.

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