about blank

About blank is a web browser’s built-in page. The “about” part of the address tells the browser to show the internal built-in pages. For example, you can type about:settings to open Chrome’s Settings page. Or you can type about:downloads to see a list of downloaded files. While the “about” page isn’t malicious, it can be very annoying. To avoid this, you should consider setting a blank homepage instead of a home page.

The Secret Of Successful How To Get Rid Of About Blank

When browsing the web, about.blank may look like a virus, but it’s not. Instead, it’s a feature of modern browsers. It’s actually an extension of your browser, which means you can access it from any page. It’s important to check for malware if you regularly see “about:blank” pages. While it’s tempting to click on these links and close your browser, the results might not be the desired ones.

Another solution to the about.blank problem is to clear the browser’s cache and history. This can also solve the issue. In extreme cases, you can revert to your browser’s default settings. Alternatively, you can try disabling extensions or restoring your system to its defaults. This last option is not a good idea, but it’s worth a try if you’re still seeing the “about” page.

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