Office Phone Systems

Office phones FTG systems are telephone calling networks utilized by businesses and corporations to communicate internally, efficiently and effectively. There are currently four major classes of phone networks utilized by businesses today that most people should be aware of. First is the standard personal computer network, which consists of a series of landlines or other devices tied into a bundle of wiring via cables and wires.


Second is the private branch exchange (PBX) using voice over IP technology and consisting of thousands of extensions with multiple phone numbers linked to the service provider. The third class consists of public switched telephone network, or PSTN, office phone systems that use digital audio encoding to transmit calls as opposed to analog tones. Finally there is the VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol system that is becoming more prevalent with offices switching over to VOIP service from traditional IP phones.


While many office phone systems have VoIP options, a few still utilize the older analog technology, which still works very efficiently for business and consumer needs. In an effort to decrease the cost of VoIP services, many providers are now offering a hosted VoIP service that allows customers to use their own email address and internet protocol number to access the services instead of having to use their company’s private system. This virtual office phone system offers business customers the ability to have a single administrator to manage all of their communication and workforce needs without needing to hire additional staff to handle the operation.

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