The Ohio district sheriff and his minuscule police canine were indivisible, their lives resolutely entwined.

It consequently appears to be fitting that resigned Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland, 67, and his wrongdoing battling accomplice Midge, 16, would both pass on Wednesday — McClelland, at a medical clinic after a protracted fight with malignant growth and Midge, a couple of hours after the fact at home, maybe of a wrecked heart.

McClelland resigned toward the finish of 2016 following 13 years as sheriff in this semi-provincial region east of Cleveland. He went through 44 years complete with the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office and 10 years close by Midge, a medication sniffing Chihuahua-rodent terrier blend guaranteed by Guinness World Records in 2006 as the littlest police canine on the globe.

He and Midge — yet particularly Midge — were demigods in Geauga County. Any place McClelland went, Midge was close by. At the workplace, she would snooze on a canine bed next to his work area. Schoolchildren were excited during their visits.

McClelland’s replacement, Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand, drove a golf truck with McClelland and Midge in the front seat at the Great Geauga County Fair. He said it was a lethargic ride as individuals ran to them, petting and getting all worked up about Midge.

“He used to joke that individuals would see him in a procession in a vehicle and would say, ‘Hello, there’s Midge and whatshisname,'” Hildenbrand said. “I think she was more well known than him.”

Resigned Lt. John Hiscox, a long-term representative for the sheriff’s office, put it thusly: “It resembled carrying Elvis Presley to the halfway.”

In spite of her size, Midge was an expert when it went to her work. It was McClelland who concluded that Midge, the half-pint of her litter, would make an ideal medication sniffing canine.

Dissimilar to huge and more forceful police canines, the easygoing Midge would look through vehicles without destroying upholstery or leaving sloppy impressions. Looking under vehicles was never an issue.

Their organization prompted appearances on daytime TV television shows and notices in public magazines, including Playboy. She kept up her K-9 affirmations until their joint retirement.

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